Running 100k

I have always been stubborn. It’s kind of my thing. And now I’ve gotten myself into a mess.

My first post has been my fitness journey so far – and I hope you found it interesting. I’d love someone to find it inspiring, even. But what I really hope (what will make me send you a virtual high-five!) is that someone is asking ‘What now?’

I found myself asking that too! Having signed up for a couple of races this year, a 10k I loved and a 14k that didn’t come through, I was feeling a little underwhelmed. As proud as I am to still be running, I didn’t feel like I was challenging myself. I felt like I was still training for something, something not defined yet. I’m still working on my fitness (read: I’m still a little wobbly) so a bigger challenge was all I could think about.

Wycombe 10k

Wycombe 10k

Five years ago I set off to walk the Ridgeway walk, going from Wendover to Avebury. I failed. That sounds blunt – I got to Wallingford, I made it a fair way. But I failed because I didn’t reach my goal. My wallet was stolen at a youth hostel, my bag split, my tent was too heavy. I was unprepared, I was young, I was a little foolish.

Well now I’m still young and foolish, but I’m stubborn. I don’t like leaving things undone, even 5 years after the fact. So – I’m going to run it.
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