Share your Stories – ‘Closer’ Feature


Today, my Post Natal Depression story has been featured in Closer Magazine. If you haven’t got a copy, you can read some of my story on Closer Online. It’s also been featured on their Facebook Page, on MY¬†Facebook Page, on my Twitter… I’m sharing it a lot, basically!

closer FB

It’s super weird to see my face sometimes! (I hope Roman’s cheeky grin distracts from it a little?) In any case, it was lovely to do. I was very nervous last night hoping it didn’t get a negative reaction, but so far so good?

I won’t go into my story again – it’s not unique, I’m not the first, and I sadly won’t be the last. What I will say is this. If you’re unhappy, or anxious, or feeling scared, and you know deep down it isn’t ‘right’ – talk to someone. Whether you’re a parent or not, whatever your personal struggle or Mental Health issue you feel you’re dealing with – It can’t get better unless you ask for help. And I know I don’t speak for everyone – but I got better. Much better. I am happy, healthy, and loved.

If you’re going through¬†with Perinatal Mental Illness- that means Pre or Postnatal Depression, Anxiety, Post Natal PTSD/Birth Trauma, Perinatal OCD, Psychosis… Whatever you’re dealing with, you need to know that you are not alone, even it it feels like it. And if you’re a survivor – tell people! If people are too frightened to talk about the battles they’ve won, how can they give strength to the people still fighting?

Talk. Fight the Stigma. Share your stories.


Visit for more information on Perinatal Mental Illness. If you need to talk, their Helpline is 0843 28 98 401.