Oh no, not Intervals!

I’ve been off for a few weeks now with illness. Unfortunately it happens, and a part of training is recognising when you can’t! Super irritating I know. But sinuses are clear, cough has gone, and I’ve been back this week. Six months to go to the big 100k!

As part of my training, Thursdays have become the dreaded Intervals/Hill Repeats day. So wheras usually I’ll be running at race pace or recovery, on Thursdays I’ll be going all-out. Here’s why.

Your body gets used to running. It doesn’t feel like it sometimes, but at a steady running pace you eventually get a little complacent. You need to put stress on your muscles to burn fat, improve your form, and strengthen yourself for long, difficult runs.

Interval training does that – short bursts of hard running, followed by periods of easy running. I tend to like 1-2 intervals – run as fast as I can for 1 minute, then rest for 2. 

There are a million ways to interval run, as well as different ‘types’ – the hilariously named Fartlek, for example, is a less planned-out version of interval running, where you run til your body hits it’s stopping point and then slow it down until you’re recovered, then go again. Many people swear by it. I personally like my interval training as I like ‘timed’ bursts of speed. I like the discipline of running at high intensity for a little longer than I want to, and I think it prepares me mentally for long runs when I really, really want to turn around and go home!

So that’s my plan for today. Next week is hill repeats, but that’s basically a swear word so best not mention it ’til I’ve done it!

Wish me luck!

A x


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