Running into the wind

So. It’s a bit windy.

Having lived and started running in beautiful Cornwall, it might surprise you to learn that I’m not super experienced at running in the wind! Cornish weather is very mild – mostly damp, occasionally sunny, usually grey. On very windy evenings the beach did become a wind tunnel, but otherwise it was mostly rain and fog that slowed me down!

So, with a storm we have for some reason named Barney whipping leaves up, how easy is it to run in the wind? As I discovered earlier – not very. But the howling wind sounded very much like a challenge to me, so I put on my pinkest top, tied the girliest plait I could, and laced up.

Here’s some lessons I took from this evening.

1) You might not have control over your legs.
I am a very ‘springy’ runner. Being used to trails and hills, I have some spring in my step. And at one point I rounded a corner, and a cross breeze lifted my legs clear off the ground. It was magical. Or pants-wettingly terrifying. Not sure.

2) Autumnal leaves become dangerous.
Have you ever dodged a 20mph leaf? It’s not okay. I’m glad I opted for long running tights because although my gloriously grippy shoes save me from slipping, I think my ankles might have regretted being let out to the air.

3) Try daylight running for goodness sake woman
Wind plus darkness equals enormous ballet leaps to avoid the curbs. Which equals more danger of blowing away. Seriously, trying to keep your eyes on the road while wincing from the wind? Not fun.

4) Cover up – but you don’t necessarily need thermals!
Long sleeves, long tights, yes. But the amount of extra effort you exert running uphill into a gale will keep you warm enough! I was sweating after 2k.

5) It’s a whole body workout
This evening, my abs got a workout. No, really. Running against the wind is apparently hard on your core, because of the extra balance and effort required, and possibly the jumping. My shoulder ache from keeping my arms up, my ribs hurt and I don’t know why.

6) Moisturise!
I have dry skin anyway, so Argan Oil is my best friend in the cold weather. However, a combination of cold, wind and sweat has dried my face out even more. I’ve taken to rubbing my face in the oil just before I go out to create a kind of barrier – and so far so good! Unless I wake up with scales tomorrow in which case, disregard my advice.

7) It’s really, really fun.
So if I’ve put you off, I can only apologise! Yes it is hard. Yes it does hurt. But you’re a runner! You’ve got this. So get your flourescents on, cover up, lace up, and stay safe. When the wind is at your back, you’ll realise why you did.

This is Happy. Honest!

Happy running!!

Amy xx


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